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The U.S. made its way into the FIFA Women’s World Cup semifinals in dramatic fashion, tying Brazil in the dying moments of injury time, 2-2, then prevailing on penalty kicks, 5-3, in Dusseldorf.   FIFA confirmed that it was only the fourth time in World Cup history–the first on the women’s side–that a team came back to win after falling behind in extra time.  The spectacle was not lost on Americans:  ESPN’s rating of 2.6 was the best for a Women’s World Cup match since 1999.

Comment:  Said U.S. midfielder Carli Lloyd, “It’s overwhelming.  It’s amazing.  The support and buzz back home is really awesome, and I think it’s helping women’s soccer.  This could be a huge turning point for the growth of soccer back home, and that’s what we’re trying to do and trying to accomplish.”

Oh, let’s hope not.

Please, no more turning points.

Critics of soccer here cite the 1994 World Cup, the 1999 Women’s World Cup, the coming of David Beckham, see that the United States was not turned on its ear by soccer and declare the sport a repeated failure.  What they miss is the fact that soccer is conquering America in drip-drip-drip fashion.  There will be no seminal moment.  It’s ironic that high school football coaches of long ago called soccer “commie ball,” because what soccer has become is the Viet Cong of sports.  The critics will continue their carpet bombing tactics for now, but tomorrow–whenever tomorrow is–they will declare victory and go home while soccer settles comfortably into the American landscape.


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