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One-time Mexican powerhouse Pachuca, reeling from a dreadful showing in the recently concluded clausura season, placed every player on its roster on the market.

“After a meeting, we decided to make all the first-team players transferable,” the Pachuca board said in a statement.  “This does not mean they will go, but that they have the option of leaving the club if that suits their interests and those of the club.”

Among the Pachuca players are U.S. internationals Herculez Gomez and Jose Torres, Paraguay’s Edgar Benitez and Colombians Yulian Anchico, Franco Arizala and Miguel Calero.

The Gophers captured the 2010 CONCACAF Champions League but closed out the year with an upset loss to African champ TP Mazembe of the DR Congo in the quarterfinals of the FIFA Club World Cup in Abu Dhabi.  They then stumbled through the Primera Division’s closing season, posting a 4-7-6 record to bring up the rear in their six-team group.  [May 4]

Comment:  It took days for the Pachuca board to come to its decision.  In another time, in another place, a group of team directors made it known immediately that its players had to go.  From Soccer Stories:  Anecdotes, Oddities, Lore and Amazing Feats:


          There’s nothing like the ol’ vote of confidence from the boss–something the starting lineup of Selkirk, a team in the Border Amateur League’s “W” Division, did not receive during its darkest hour, a Scottish Cup first-round match in December 1984 played before hundreds at Stirling Albion.

          Though Stirling was a first-division side, no one was anticipating a double-digit blowout.  Still, the hosts took a 5-0 lead at the half, inspiring their bloodthirsty fans to chant, “We want ten!”  That milestone was reached after an hour, and late in the game the chant was inflated to “We want twenty!”

          With David Thompson leading the parade with seven goals and Willie Irvine not far behind with five, stirling won, 20-0.

          Late in the game, Selkirk officials on the sidelines were beyond mortified and could only laugh at the situation.  They collected as many numeral signs as possible from the fourth official and held them up in a mock signal to the referee that they wanted to substitute all eleven of their players at once.